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The miracle of wood and fire April 28, 2008

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The miracle of wood and fire

In the name of Allah,Most gracious,Most merciful

Allah says:«See ye the Fire which ye kindle? * Is it ye who grow the tree which feeds the fire, or do We grow it? * We have made it a memorial (of Our handiwork), and an article of comfort and convenience for the denizens of deserts» SURAH: AL WAQI`AH(71.74).

As known,wood consists of a main chemical substance “lignocellulose”. PureLignocellulose is available in cotton ,whereas mixed one exists in wood.The three vital chemical components of lignocellulose are Hydrogen,Oxygen,and Carbon(Coal).One of the miracles of God’s grandeur, that until this moment, more than a million chemical compounds have been made up of only these three chemical elements.They differ according to the substances’ arrangement and their compination together.They are called organic compounds.Allmost they are made in the plant,and so is lignocellulose.The plant makes up lignocellulose of available and valueless permitive materials such as air (Oxygyn and Carbon),water,and sun rays.Despite these permitive materials are widespread and free for any person,the chemists niether can do a similar one nor are they able to make a small piece of wood. The Divine miracle tells them that they are self-concieted and they deny  God’s abilities.If they are so , why they are incapable of making a piece of wood although its components ( air , water and sunrays ) are at hand and under their control.This leads them to  know the powerful and thinkful ability of Allah which is higher than their abilities.

These are the plants and trees that make lignocellulose day and night from these valueless  permitive elements .

This is just one side of wood miracle. On the other hand, water is one of the components of lignocellulose which is versus fire. After its complete combination of water , it is concidered one of the most important sources of fire .
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