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Story of Salih April 28, 2008

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For the good of the people of Thamud, God sent Salih as His messenger. He asked them to believe in the Oneness of God and to worship none but Him. He told them that God had sent a Sign to the arrogant oppressors of the poor in the form of a she-camel. Water was scarce at the time, and the privileged class tried to prevent the poor and their cattle from having access to the springs and pastures. 

The she-camel was made a test case to see if the haughty, rich people would come to see reason. Salih wanted them to allow the she-camel to graze without any let or hindrance. He warned them that they should have no evil intentions toward her, or the wrath of God would fall upon them. 

He reminded them that the Lord had been kind to them in the past and had made them successors to the people of Aad, who were destroyed for their evil deeds. They had been given land, so as to build palaces and castles on the plains and homes in the mountains. Salih beseeched them not to spread disorder in the world, to remain ever-conscious of God’s power and to be grateful for His kindness.

But the chiefs of the tribes jeered at him; they asked the people not to believe in what Salih said. Some did not listen to them and heeded Salih’s call, but many followed the advice of their chiefs. And as a mark of their defiance, they hamstrung the she-camel and killed her, challenging Salih to bring upon them the calamity which he had threatened them with. 

Salih grieved for his people, for he knew what lay in store for them. He therefore left Thamud with his followers, and soon thereafter there was a dreadful earthquake, which destroyed the inhabitants of Thamud, burying them along with their castles and palaces.
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