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Olive Oil May 4, 2008

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Ibn Omer narrated that the Prophet PBUH said:“ Dabble (edibles) in olive oil and anoint yourselves with it, for it is extracted from a blessed tree.” In another divine narration, narrated by Ibn Usayed (May Allah be pleased with him) said that the Prophet said: “Eat and anoint yourselves with olive oil, for it is extracted from a blessed tree.” Authenticated in Al-Atiemah by Ibn Majah whose chain of narrators are reliable and Abdul Razaq in Almusanaf and approved by Alahakim.
In line with the above Hadeeths, recent scientific researches approved that this edible oil has many protective advantages from the disease– arteriosclerosis (or atheroma) patchy thickening of the lining of arteries. Herein, the Prophet of all Mankind did advice man to orally take olive oil fourteen centuries ago.
Why did he do so? The answer is that olive oil as has been recently confirmed scientifically contains chemical materials, which prevent the occurrence of blood clot in arteries (coronary thrombosis). While this chemical material further increases the ratio of the desired cholesterol of high density namely HDL, it prevents the other type of dangerous cholesterol from being clotted in the blood.
More over, physicians in Milan Hospital, Italy, prescribe olive oil as part of the medication given to those patients who underwent a heart surgery in arteries. Patients of artery problems are given four to five spoonfuls daily.
In his study published by the American Medical Magazine, 1986, Dr. Girandy, a professor in Texas University, USA, stated that olive oil decreases cholesterol by 13% and the fatty proteins by 21%. He, therefore, advises Americans to take olive oil instead of other oils in order to prevent themselves from and avoid artery diseases. (Extracts from the Prophetic Medicine)

Reference: Tihmaz, Abdulhameed Mahmoud. The Forty Scientific Miracles. Dar Al-Qalem.

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