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Tens of Thousands of Fossils in Amber Refute Evolution May 18, 2008

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The theory of evolution has been consigned to history, and living fossils are the greatest proofs of this.


Were We exhausted by the first creation? Yet they are dubious about the new creation.
We created man and We know what his own self whispers to him. We are nearer to him than his jugular vein.
(Qur’an, 50:15-16)


24-Million-Year-Old Fossil Flies

24-million-year-old fossil flies (Diptera).




Don’t you know that God knows everything in heaven and Earth? That is in a Book. That is easy for God. They worship besides God something for which no authority has come down, something about which they have no knowledge. There is no helper for the wrongdoers.
(Qur’an, 22:70-71)


Everything in the heavens and Earth belongs to God. God is the Rich Beyond Need, the Praiseworthy.
(Qur’an, 31:26)


These Living Things Have Not Changed At All over Millions of Years


50- to 40-Million-Year-Old Baltic Ambe



No Such Process as Evolution Ever Took Place.


Every fossil concealed inside a piece of amber is a manifestation of the sublime artistry exhibited by God over millions of years.



These Living Things Are the Kind We See All the Time in Our Gardens or in the Street.


Humanity! An example has been made, so listen to it carefully. Those whom you call upon besides God are not even able to create a single fly, even if they were to join together to do it. And if a fly steals something from them, they cannot get it back. How feeble are both the seeker and the sought!
(Qur’an, 22:73)


Evolutionists seek to make people believe that millions of years ago the Earth was a very different place, filled with strange creatures. Yet the same insects were flying millions of years ago as are flying today. The same fish were swimming, and the same spiders were spinning webs. God, Who creates them now in the most perfect form, has the power to create the same perfection whenever He wills.


What is in the heavens and in the Earth belongs to God. God encompasses all things.
(Qur’an, 4:126)


Not A Single Example of An Intermediate Form Has Ever Been Discovered among Fossil Findings.


Fossils that Are Tens of Millions of Years Old Are Identical to Present-Day Specimens.


Had evolutionists encountered a single intermediate form among all the countless fossils they have obtained—something which is in any case impossible—they would have doubtless used this as evidence and written countless numbers of books about it. There is only one reason why evolutionists are silent on the subject of the fossil record: that all fossils proclaim the fact of creation.


This is God’s creation. Show me then what those besides Him have created! The wrondoers are clearly misguided. (Qur’an, 31:11)


The Earth perfectly preserved the fossils it has contained for millions of years. Countless fossils collected from all over the world reveal the most important truth, that all living things are the work of Almighty God.


The Fossil Record Has Shown the Fact of Creation. That Is the Sole Reason for Evolutionists’ Silence on the Matter.


Darwinism’s claim of transition is a falsehood. As today’s living fossils prove, living things did not evolve. The present-day Earth is teeming with species that existed in their current form millions of years ago. However, not one example of Darwinism’s imaginary intermediate forms has yet been unearthed.


There is no one in the heavens and Earth who will not come to the All-Merciful as a servant. He has counted them and numbered them precisely. Each of them will come to Him on the Day of Resurrection all alone.
(Qur’an, 19:93-95)


Evolution Is A Lie.
Living Things Have Never Undergone Any Changes


These creatures, which lived on the Earth millions of years ago under the conditions at that time, have survived unchanged down to the present day. Millions of generations have passed away in the meantime, but these fossil species are identical to their present-day counterparts. Evolution via “survival of the fittest” as claimed by Darwin and his followers never took place. All these present-day living fossils clearly demonstrate the stasis in the history of life.


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