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The Quran and the miracle of Spiders August 3, 2008

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Allah, the Almighty, said: (The parable of those who take protectors other than Allah is that of the spider, who builds (to itself) a house; but truly the flimsiest of houses is the spider’s house;- if they but knew) (Surat Al-Ankabot: 41).

From these verses, the following universal signs can be detected:

(1)Confirmation of the fact that the spider’s house is the flimsiest house, whether physically or spiritually. This has been proven by the late studies in zoology.

Following are some of the expositors’ statements to explain the previous verses:

* In abbreviation, Ibn Kathir (May Allah bless his soul) mentioned: “This is an example given by Allah, the Almighty, of the idolaters who revere gods besides Allah. The idolaters hope that those gods will assist them, provide for them, and they turn to them in times of hardship. In this regard, they are like the spider’s house, in its weakness and frailty, because by clinging to these gods they are like a person who holds on to a spider’s web and does not gain any benefit from that. Had they known this, they would not have taken protectors other than Allah. This is unlike the Muslim believer, whose heart is devoted to Allah and, in addition, does well in following Allah’s decrees. The Muslim has grasped the most trustworthy handle, the one that never breaks because of its strength and stability…”


* In Tafsir Al-Jalalain “Al-Jalalain Interpretation” (may Allah bless their souls), which was investigated and commented on by Sheikh Mohamed Kan’an (May Allah bestow good on him), the following was stated: (The parable of those who take protectors other than Allah): idols which they hope will benefit them (is that of the spider, who builds (to itself) a house) in order to lodge in it. (The flimsiest) the weakest (of houses is the spider’s house) that does not protect from heat nor cold. The same thing applies to idols which do no good to their worshippers. (If they but knew), they would not have worshipped those idols.

* In Safwat Al-Bayan Lem’any Al-Quran, the following was stated: (The parable of those who take protectors other than Allah…), meaning that the parable of those who worship idols and depend on them, as well as, hope for benefit and meditation of those idols, is that of the spider which builds itself a weak house by its spinning. This house does not protect the spider from the hot or cold weather, nor does it protect from the rain or in times of danger.

* The authors of Al-Montakhab fey Tafsir Al-Quran Al-Karim (may Allah bestow good on them) stated the following:

The talkers of vanities, who follow others than Allah, are similar, in their weakness, frailty, and dependence on others, to the spider which builds itself a house to protect itself. The spider’s house is the flimsiest of houses and farthest from being suitable for protection. If those talkers of vanities were people of knowledge and intelligence, they would not have done that.

The Spider from a Scientific Perspective

The spider is an animal of phylum Arthropoda, classified in Class Arachnida, which combines Order Araneida along with other orders including scorpions and mites.


The spider’s body is divided into a prosoma where the head is connected to the breast and an undivided opisthosoma which includes the abdomen. The prosoma carries four pairs of legs, two pairs of feelers, and two chelicerae which resemble a pair of pincers or claws that contain the poison glands. The prosoma is separated from the opisthosoma by a thin waist.

An anatomical photograph of silk-making glands

The spider has simple eyes whose number might be eight or less. It is a predator of insects and has a thick skin covered with hair which is shed around 7 to 8 times until it reaches maturity. Zoologists today know more than thirty thousand types of spiders which vary in sizes (from less than a millimeter to ninety millimeters), shapes and colors. Most spiders live in the wild, mostly alone except at times of mating and egg hatching. The spiders’ environment extends from sea level to heights of five thousand meters. The spider has three pairs of prominent moving protrusions in the lower abdomen. These protrusions have tiny holes from which the fluid used to make the threads for its house comes out; therefore, they are known as the spinners. This fluid which comes out from a number of special glands to outside the spider’s body, through the rear spinners, dries as soon as it is subjected to air. When it dries, various threads are produced which differ in types, length, and strength according to the difference in the producing glands.


A photograph of the spider’s threads being produced from the silk glands as if it were a thread factory

The spider might stay in its house, where it practices all life’s activities, or it might have a nest or a hideout other than the house, which is connected to the house by a thread known as the trap thread. The spider escapes to this hideout at times of danger.

The Scientific Indications of the Holy Script

First: Referring to the spider in the singular form:


In Lissan Al-Arab, under the subject (ankab), it was mentioned that the (ankaboot “spider”) is an animal which weaves in the air, and on the mouth of the well, a flimsy thin web. It is a feminine word, and may have been mentioned in poetry. The spider’s house is called (al-akdaba). Al-Feraa said: the spider is feminine, and some Arabs may mention it. The plural form is (al-ankabotat), (al-anakeb), and (al-anakeeb). In Yemen’s language, it is (aknabaah), as well as, (ankbaa) and (ankabowah). Sibawayh mentioned (ankabaa) while giving evidence on the addition of ta’a in (ankaboot), so he does not know if it is singular or plural. Ibn Al-A’rabey said” (al-ankab) is for the masculine, and (al-ankaba) is for the feminine. It was said that (al-ankab) is the spider’s classification. Al-Ankaboot maybe masculine or feminine. Al-Moubarid said: al-ankaboot is feminine and can be used for the masculine.

Most likely, the term (al-ankaboot) is for the feminine singular, the plural of which is (al-anakeb).

Naming the noble surat with the singular form (Al-Ankaboot “The Spider”) indicates the solitary life of this animal, except at times of mating and egg hatching. This can be compared to the two surats Al-Nahel (The Bees) and Al-Namel (The Ants), where the names are plural since these insects live in groups.

 Second: In His saying: (Builds to itself a house):

In this noble quranic verse, there is a clear indication that the female spider is the one mainly undertaking the building of the house. Consequently, building the spider’s house is a mission shouldered by the female spiders. It is the female which has in its body the glands for secretion of the silk material from which the spider’s house is woven. Sometimes, the male spider might take part in helping with the building, repairing or expanding. However, the process of building is mainly feminine. It is here where we find the scientific miracle in Allah’s (the Almighty) saying: builds to itself a house.

Third: In the Almighty’s saying: (the flimsiest of houses is the spider’s house…)

This miraculous quranic script indicates a number of important facts, some of which are:

(1) Physical weakness:The spider’s house, from the physical point of view, is the weakest house of all, because it is made out of a number of very delicate silk threads. These threads are interwoven, leaving large separating spaces at most times. Therefore, they do not protect from the heat of the sun, or the extreme cold. These threads do not form adequate shade, nor protect from the rain, storming winds, or the dangers of attackers. This is despite the miraculous building of this house.


(2) The weakness is in the spider’s house and not the threads;for the Almighty says (the flimsiest of houses). This is a clear indication  that the weakness and frailty are within the spider’s house and not the spider’s threads. This is a very precise indication. The threads of the spider’s house are made of very delicate silk. The thickness of one thread is usually one million of the squared inch, or one part of four thousand parts of the thickness of the ordinary human hair. Despite its delicacy, it is the strongest biological substance known to mankind so far. The silk threads which make up the spider’s web are considered stronger than steel, and their strength is surpassed only by the melted quartz. The thin thread stretches to five times its length before it is cut. Therefore, the scientists call it “biological steel”or “bio-steel”. It is twenty times stronger than the ordinary metal steel. Its tolerance measures 300,000 pound for the square inch. Hypothetically speaking, should there be a thick rope of the spider’s threads, in the size of the thumb, it can easily carry a “jumbo” jet.


(3) Spiritual weakness:The spider’s house, spiritually speaking, is the flimsiest of all houses, because it is deprived of all love and kindness, which are the pillars of any happy home. The female, in some types of spiders, kills the male as soon as the fertilization takes place. Being larger in size and more violent, the female kills the male and eats its body. In some cases, the female eats its youngsters mercilessly. In some types, the female dies after fertilizing its eggs, which are usually fostered in a silk bag. When the eggs hatch, spiderlings come out to find themselves in a very crowded place inside the eggs bag. The siblings then start to fight for food, space or both. The brother kills its brother and sister, and the sister kills its sister and brother, until the fight ends with a few spiderlings remaining. These spiderlings shed their skin and tear the eggs bag to come out one after the other with unhappy memories. They all then spread in the surrounding environment. Each female starts to build its house. On the road to achieve this goal, some of the spiderlings die, whereas those who survive repeat the same tragedy. This makes the spider’s house the most violent and ruthless house, lacking all forms of kinship. Hence, Allah the Almighty sets it as a parable in its weakness and frailty because it lacks the simplest form of kindness between the husband and wife, the mother and her children, the brother and his siblings, and the sister and her siblings.

Fourth: In His saying: (If they but knew):

These facts were unknown to any human at the time of revelation, and for long centuries thereafter. They have been discovered after extensive studies of the behavior of the spider by hundreds of scientists, for tens of years, until they were realized in the last decades of the twentieth century. That is why our God (Exalted be He) ended the noble verse with His saying (if they but knew).


Consequently, the quranic description of the spider’s house as being the flimsiest of all houses; this description which was revealed to an illiterate prophet (PBUH) in a nation with a majority of illiterates, fourteen hundred years ago, is considered a scientific achievement which no sensible person would imagine a source for other than Allah the Creator. Allah is the one who revealed the noble quran with His knowledge to the final Prophet and Messenger. It is Allah who protected the quran in the same language in which it was revealed (the Arabic language) for fourteen or more centuries. Allah will continue to protect the quran until He inherits earth and those who live on it. The quran will remain as evidence on all people till the Day of Judgment. The truth within quran will stand witness to the holy quran being the words of Allah, the Creator. It will also stand witness to the prophet hood and message bestowed on the Final Prophet and Messenger to whom the quran was revealed (PBUH). The Prophet has delivered the message, fulfilled the trust, advised the nation, and struggled in the cause of Allah until his final days. We ask you Allah, the Almighty, to reward him, our Prophet, with the best of the rewards given to a prophet for his works with his ummah, and the best of rewards given to a messenger for the fine fulfillment of his mission. We pray to Allah to bestow on our prophet the right of intercession and superiority and send him (on the Day of Judgment) to the highest standing (in Paradise) which He promised him, for Allah does not break His promises. We end our supplication by praising Allah, and praying to Him to bestow peace and blessing on our Prophet Mohamed, his family, companions and whoever follows his way till the Day of Judgment.

Some Hidden Quranic Signs:

A- The house of the spideris not merely its dwelling place. Being the sticky net it is, it constitutes a trap for flying insects such as flies and others. These insects are a prey on which the spider feeds. Similarly, those idolaters who revere gods besides Allah, and call people to those revered gods, are in fact calling them to an artful trap which leads them to their death and destruction in this life and the afterlife. Allah, the Almighty, said: (Allah forgiveth not that partners should be set up with Him; but He forgiveth anything else, to whom He pleaseth; to set up partners with Allah is to devise a sin Most heinous indeed.) (Surat Al- Nesaa: 48)


B- Warning against those withcorrupt invocations who revere others besides Allah, whether money or whim. This warning is issued through indicating their hidden strings with which they hunt their victims. These strings can be money, sex, power, or any other hidden string which destroys the victim once it is trapped.





The stages of creation of the universe July 20, 2008

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The big bang in islam July 20, 2008

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Moses’s Pharaoh …& Dr.Maurice Bucaille…& Islam July 18, 2008

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When the late French President Francisco Mitra took over in France 1981, France requested from Egypt in the late eighties to host mummy of Pharaoh to conduct Archaeological tests and examinations..


.. At the Plane staircase French President, his ministers and senior French officials was lined up and bend while receiving Pharaoh


When Pharaoh’s royal reception ceremonies on the land of France ended, the mummy carried in parade not less majesty than the reception to a special ward in the French Archaeological centre where the top Surgeons and autopsies in France start to study the mummy and discover it’s secrets.

 The chief surgeon and in charge of the study on this mummy is Professor Maurice Bucaille.


Therapists interested in renovating the mummy, While the attention of Dr. Maurice is an attempt to discover how this Pharaonic king died, in late hours of the night the final results appeared.

.. the salt Remnants in his body
was the biggest evidence that he died drowning, and his body was extracted from the sea after drowning immediately, Then quickly they carried an Embalming process of the body in order to preserve it.


But there was a matter Puzzled him which is How this body remained safer than others mummies although it was extracted from the sea!!!


Dr. Maurice was Preparing a Final report which he believed

 It is a new discovery until someone whispered in his ear, saying: do not rush Muslims talking about the sink of this mummy.


But he strongly denounced this news and find it odd, such a discovery Can not be known away of the evolution of modern science and help of most advance computer devices.


Someone told him that there “Quran” who they believe in tells a story about his drowning and body preservation after that, Dr. Maurice get more astonished and he start questioning… how this happened??? If this mummy been detected only in 1898 before two hundred year ago, while Quran is available before one thousand and four hundred years?

 How it fit in mind while all mankind, not only Arabs did not know anything about the ancient Egyptians mummification of pharaoh’s corpses before a few decades of time?


Dr.Maurice Bucaille sat that night, staring on body of Pharaoh thinking carefully about what his college have whispered to him that the Muslim Quran speaks about the survival of this body after drowning !!!

While the Bible talks about the sinking of Pharaoh in his pursuit of prophet Mousses (Peace be upon him) without being subjected to the fate of his body .. And he says to himself: Is it conceivable that his mummy is for Pharaoh, who was chasing Moses? Is it conceivable that Mohammed knows this more than a thousand years?


Dr.Maurice was unable to sleep, and asked them to bring him the Torah, He went to read..
Torah saying: water Return and covered the vehicles and all Pharaoh Army Knights who entered the sea behind and no one survived.

Dr.Maurice Bucaille remained puzzled.. even the Bible did not talk about the survival of this body and its preservation.


After the Pharaoh’s body was treated and renovated the mummy returned to Egypt, but Dr.Maurice mind and conscience was restless since the shocking news that Muslims knows about this body,

He belt HIS baggage and decided to travel to Muslims country
to interview a number of Muslim Scholars autopsy.


There he made the first talk with them about what he discovered that Pharaoh’s body preservation after
Drowning .. So, someone of them opened Quran and he read him as Almighty saying:


(“This day shall We save thee in the body, that thou mayest be a sign to those who come after thee! but verily, many among mankind are heedless of Our Signs!”)

Jonah [10:92]
he deeply influenced by the verse .. And strongly shake that made him stand in front of attendance and shout loudest voice: I have entered Islam and I believe on this Quran.


Dr.Maurice Bucaille returned to France in a deferent condition, than he went with .. There he stayed ten years does not have job but conformity of The newly discovered scientific facts
with the Holy Quran, and the search for a single scientific contradiction
in Holy Quran, Then he outcome of meaning Holy Quran Speaks:


(No falsehood can approach it from before or behind it: It is sent down by One Full of Wisdom, Worthy of all Praise.) Fussilat [41:42]


The fruit of those years Dr. Maurice spent came out when he authored a book about Quran that
shook the entire Western States scientists, the title of the book:
, what did this book do?


From the first edition it has run out of all the libraries and then reprinted hundreds of thousands
after it had been translated from the original language to Arabic, English, Indonesian, Farsi, Urdu, Turkish, and German etc…
Then spreads to all libraries in the East and West


Part ||           part |||         part |V       part V         part V|         part V||


  site in wikimapia






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He who possessed knowledge of the Book said: “I will bring it [the Queen of Saba’s throne] to you before your glance returns to you.” And when he [Sulayman] saw it standing firmly in his presence, he said: “This is part of my Lord’s favour, to test me to see if I will give thanks or show ingratitude.” (Qur’an, 27:40)

[He is] the Originator of the heavens and earth. When He decides on something, 
He just says to it, “Be!” and it is. 
(Qur’an, 2:117)

“He who possessed knowledge of the Book” told Prophet Sulayman (as) that he could bring the Queen of Saba’s throne to him very quickly. This is a possible reference to the transmission of images with present-day advanced technology. Another verse on the subject reads:

A demon of the jinn said: “I will bring it to you before you get up from your seat. I am strong and trustworthy enough to do it.” (Qur’an, 27:39)

In our day, text, pictures, and films can be sent anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds, thanks to the Internet and advances in computer technology. For instance, carrying the Queen’s throne to Prophet Sulayman’s (as) court very quickly may well refer to the fact that it will be possible to send a three-dimensional picture or image in the blink of an eye over the Internet.

According to scientists, the teleportation of atoms and molecules, as well as larger bodies, may become possible in the near future. By this method, the item’s material characteristics are removed from one location and transferred in every detail and atomic sequence to another location, where they are reconstructed. If this technology becomes operational one day, time and space will no longer represent an obstacle to travel and objects will be able to be transported anywhere in a single moment without traversing any physical distance.184

In 1998, physicists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) working with two European groups transported a photon. The scientists formed a copy of the photon by reading its atomic structure and then transmitted that information a distance of 1 metre. In another recent teleportation experiment, Ping Koy Lam of the Australian National University (ANU) and other researchers transmitted a laser ray a short distance.185

Indeed, according to a CNN report on 17 July 2002, a group of physicists from the National Australian University in Canberra split a laser ray and “transmitted” it several metres. Ping Koy Lam, the team’s head, stated that they had not yet succeeded in transmitting matter in its atomic state, but that such a thing was not impossible and may become a reality in the future.

According to a study published in the science journal Nature, Eugene Polzik of Denmark’s University of Aarhus, and his colleagues performed successful experiments on a large number of atoms, using laser rays and quantum physics.186 In his analyses of teleportation’s potential, published in the journal Scientific American, Australian physicist Anton Zeilinger states that far more complex systems could be teleported without violating the laws of physics.187

As the Qur’an reveals in “We will show them Our Signs on the horizon and within themselves until it is clear to them that it is the truth” (Qur’an, 41:53), these scientific advances may represent a part of the technologies indicated in the Qur’an, all of which reveal its miraculous aspects.





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We divided them up into twelve tribes-communities. We revealed to Musa, when his people asked him for water: “Strike the rock with your staff.” Twelve fountains flowed out from it, and all the people knew their drinking place. And We shaded them with clouds and sent down manna and quails to them: “Eat of the good things We have provided for you.” They did not wrong Us; rather, they wronged themselves. (Qur’an, 7:160)

A closed artesian aquifer is confined by an overlying impermeable body of rock, which prevents any water from filtering down into the aquifer. Instead, water enters the tilted aquifer layer through a recharge area, where the aquifer rock is exposed at higher elevations. The flow in an artesian aquifer resembles water flowing through a J-shaped tube. Water added on the tube’s long side provides enough pressure to drive the water upward on the tube’s shorter side.

The above verse describes how Prophet Musa’s (as) people asked him for water and how he provided places where each tribe could drink. Clearly, his people were suffering from a shortage of water. Such shortages still exist, for more than 1 billion people today lack access to clean water, and 2.4 billion still live without improved sanitation. According to projected estimates, by 2025 about 5 billion people will not have access to sufficient amounts of water.190 Every year, some 12 million people die from water scarcity; 3 million of whom are children who die from waterborne diseases.191

Today, 31 countries, comprising 8 percent of the world’s population, face chronic freshwater shortages. By 2025, this number is expected to rise to 48 countries.192 According to UN predictions, renewable freshwater will become an even more limited resource by 2025, and the number of 131 million people experiencing water problems will rise to either 817 million (according to low population growth projections) or 1.079 billion (according to high population growth projections).193

Groundwater, the largest source of fresh water on Earth, represents more than 90 percent of the readily available freshwater reserves194 and is therefore of vital importance to meeting the water needs of up to 2 billion people.195 It constitutes the primary source of water for up to 50 percent of the American population, a figure that rises to 95 percent in rural areas.196Groundwater is also the safest and most reliable source of fresh water. At the same time, this water can be used to produce geothermal energy and save energy by using heat pumps.

When the water sucked up from the soil meets an impermeable underground layer, it collects there and forms a water source. This water is then brought to the surface by the artesian method. Artesian springs are formed by sedimentary rocks that can store underground water.

The fact that artesian wells are drilled in rocky areas runs parallel to the description in the Qur’an. Given that Allah commanded Prophet Musa (as) to strike the rock, Surat al-A`raf 160 may be indicating this method. (Allah knows best.) The verb idrib, translated as “strike,” can also mean “to raise, to open.” Thus, this verse may be describing a water source being opened by the raising of the rock. As a result, pressurized water may have emerged, as described in the verb inbajasat (to pour out, flow freely, bubble up, flow), just as happens with artesian wells. If sufficient pressure forms, water can continue to flow to the surface without the need for a pump.

Allah is He Who created the heavens and the earth and sends down water from the sky and by it brings forth fruits as provision for you… (Qur’an, 14:32)

It is particularly striking that current solutions for dealing with water scarcity use underground water resources. In fact, one of the most effective methods of doing so is the artesian well. In other words, we might be copying Prophet Musa’s (as) example of striking or lifting the rock without even knowing it. Surat al-A`raf 160 may therefore be a reference to artesian wells, the first of which was opened in 1126 in the French region of Artois. (Allah knows best.)




Is there anything in the Qur’aan or Sunnah about global warming? May 21, 2008

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What do Islam and Quran say about the big problem we have in the world so-called “global warming”? They say that the world will melt after some decades and things are getting really dangerous and so on. Does the science in Quran tell something about this?.

Praise be to Allaah.  

The problem of global warming is regarded as one of the most serious environmental problems of our time, concerning which experts have held many conferences and published many articles about its dire consequences. These experts attribute this rise in temperature to the accumulation of gases in the atmosphere that is caused by factories, power stations and car emissions, which has led to a rise in air temperature and ocean temperature, which threatens to melt the ice-caps and cause flooding of land, which is expected to change the features of some countries completely and to change the climate of vast areas on earth.

We could not find anything about this in the Qur’aan and Sunnah, apart from one hadeeth which some scholars who are specialized in sharee’ah and environmental sciences say has to do with this topic, and some of the most prominent specialists in the world agreed with them, which is that the Arabian Peninsula will again become meadows and rivers. They attribute that to a complete change in the earth’s climate and the melting of the Arctic ice cap due to global warming.

What we think is that Arabia becoming meadows and rivers again is something concerning which there is no doubt, but we cannot be certain that it will happen because of the melting of the ice cap, because that is known only to Allaah. But we mention this view because it is relevant and because it has been said by some specialists, both Muslims and kaafirs.

The hadeeth is:

It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The Hour will not begin until the land of the Arabs once again becomes meadows and rivers.” Narrated by Muslim (157). Meadows refers to spacious land with a great deal of vegetation.


Dr. Zaghloul al-Najjaar says:

This hadeeth is a scientific miracle that describes a natural fact that was not understood by scientists until the late twentieth century, when it was proven by definitive evidence that the Arabian Peninsula was meadows and rivers in ancient times. Climate studies have also indicated that the arid desert is now on its way to becoming meadows and rivers again, because the earth throughout its long history passes through climatic changes that take place gradually over long periods of time, or they may be sudden and swift.

Climate studies indicate that we are coming into a new rainy period, the evidence of which is the shift of the ice-cap in the northern hemisphere towards the south, and a noticeable fall in winter temperatures.

The fact that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) referred to this ice age in his hadeeth “until the land of the Arabs once again becomes meadows and rivers” is proof of his Prophethood, and shows that he was always connected to divine revelation, and was taught by the Creator of the heavens and the earth. End quote.

See: http://www.eqraa.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3687


Shaykh ‘Abd al-Majeed al-Zandaani said:

Professor Alfred Kroner, one of the most famous geologists in the world, attended a geological conference in the College of Earth Sciences in the King ‘Abd al-‘Azeez University. I said to him: Do you have any proof that Arabia was once gardens and rivers? He said: Yes, this is well known to us and it is a scientific fact. Geologists know this because if you dig in any area you will find signs that tell you that this land used to be meadows and rivers. There is a lot of evidence.

I said to him: Do you have any evidence that Arabia will once again become meadows and rivers? He said: This is something real and proven. We geologists know it and measure it and calculate it. We can say approximately when it will happen, and it is not far off, it is quite close. I said: Why? He said: Because we have studied the history of the earth in the past, and we have found that it passes through many stages, one of which is the ice ages. What does ice age mean? It means that a certain amount of sea water turns into ice and collects at the North Pole, then it begins to shift towards the south, and when it shifts towards the south it covers whatever is beneath it, and the climate on earth changes. Among the climatic changes is the change that takes place in Arabia, where the weather becomes cold and Arabia becomes one of the lands which has the most rain and rivers on earth.

I said: Can you confirm that for us?

He said: Yes, this is an undeniable fact.

I said to him: Listen, who told Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) of that? This is all mentioned in a hadeeth that was narrated by Muslim; he (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The Hour will not begin until the land of the Arabs once again becomes meadows and rivers.” Who told Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) that Arabia was once meadows and rivers? He thought, then he said: The Romans. I said to him: And who told him that Arabia would once again become meadows and rivers? He thought for a moment and said: The One Who is above! Then I said to him: Write it down. So he wrote in his own hand: I am astonished at the scientific facts that I have seen in the Qur’aan and Sunnah, which we could not prove until recently by modern scientific methods. This indicates that the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) did not attain this knowledge except by revelation from above.

By Allaah, I spent only two and a half hours with this German until he said all of that. This giant among scientists wrote that and approved of it, which indicates that there is one science, one truth, One God.

End quote from http://www.science4islam.com/index.aspx?act=da&id=133

And Allaah knows best.

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And [I swear by] the moon when it is full, you will mount up stage by stage! What is the matter with them, that they have no faith? (Qur’an, 84:18-20)

After referring to the Moon, the above verses then say that people will mount up stage by stage. The term tarkabunnacomes from the verb rakiba, (to mount, walk on a path, follow, embark upon, set about, participate, or rule). In the light of these meanings, it is very likely that the expression “you will mount up stage by stage” refers to a vehicle to be boarded.

Indeed, the astronauts’ spacecraft pass through each layer of the atmosphere one by one, and then begin to pass through the Moon’s gravitational field. Thus, the Moon is reached by moving through individual layers. In addition, the swearing by the Moon in Surat al-Inshiqaq 18 further strengthens this emphasis, meaning that the verse may well be a sign that humanity will travel to the Moon. (Allah knows best.)


Dryden Flight Research Center (NASA) In wikimapia


Tens of Thousands of Fossils in Amber Refute Evolution May 18, 2008

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The theory of evolution has been consigned to history, and living fossils are the greatest proofs of this.


Were We exhausted by the first creation? Yet they are dubious about the new creation.
We created man and We know what his own self whispers to him. We are nearer to him than his jugular vein.
(Qur’an, 50:15-16)


24-Million-Year-Old Fossil Flies

24-million-year-old fossil flies (Diptera).




Don’t you know that God knows everything in heaven and Earth? That is in a Book. That is easy for God. They worship besides God something for which no authority has come down, something about which they have no knowledge. There is no helper for the wrongdoers.
(Qur’an, 22:70-71)


Everything in the heavens and Earth belongs to God. God is the Rich Beyond Need, the Praiseworthy.
(Qur’an, 31:26)


These Living Things Have Not Changed At All over Millions of Years


50- to 40-Million-Year-Old Baltic Ambe



No Such Process as Evolution Ever Took Place.


Every fossil concealed inside a piece of amber is a manifestation of the sublime artistry exhibited by God over millions of years.



These Living Things Are the Kind We See All the Time in Our Gardens or in the Street.


Humanity! An example has been made, so listen to it carefully. Those whom you call upon besides God are not even able to create a single fly, even if they were to join together to do it. And if a fly steals something from them, they cannot get it back. How feeble are both the seeker and the sought!
(Qur’an, 22:73)


Evolutionists seek to make people believe that millions of years ago the Earth was a very different place, filled with strange creatures. Yet the same insects were flying millions of years ago as are flying today. The same fish were swimming, and the same spiders were spinning webs. God, Who creates them now in the most perfect form, has the power to create the same perfection whenever He wills.


What is in the heavens and in the Earth belongs to God. God encompasses all things.
(Qur’an, 4:126)


Not A Single Example of An Intermediate Form Has Ever Been Discovered among Fossil Findings.


Fossils that Are Tens of Millions of Years Old Are Identical to Present-Day Specimens.


Had evolutionists encountered a single intermediate form among all the countless fossils they have obtained—something which is in any case impossible—they would have doubtless used this as evidence and written countless numbers of books about it. There is only one reason why evolutionists are silent on the subject of the fossil record: that all fossils proclaim the fact of creation.


This is God’s creation. Show me then what those besides Him have created! The wrondoers are clearly misguided. (Qur’an, 31:11)


The Earth perfectly preserved the fossils it has contained for millions of years. Countless fossils collected from all over the world reveal the most important truth, that all living things are the work of Almighty God.


The Fossil Record Has Shown the Fact of Creation. That Is the Sole Reason for Evolutionists’ Silence on the Matter.


Darwinism’s claim of transition is a falsehood. As today’s living fossils prove, living things did not evolve. The present-day Earth is teeming with species that existed in their current form millions of years ago. However, not one example of Darwinism’s imaginary intermediate forms has yet been unearthed.


There is no one in the heavens and Earth who will not come to the All-Merciful as a servant. He has counted them and numbered them precisely. Each of them will come to Him on the Day of Resurrection all alone.
(Qur’an, 19:93-95)


Evolution Is A Lie.
Living Things Have Never Undergone Any Changes


These creatures, which lived on the Earth millions of years ago under the conditions at that time, have survived unchanged down to the present day. Millions of generations have passed away in the meantime, but these fossil species are identical to their present-day counterparts. Evolution via “survival of the fittest” as claimed by Darwin and his followers never took place. All these present-day living fossils clearly demonstrate the stasis in the history of life.


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Your Lord revealed to the bees: “Build dwellings in the mountains and the trees, and also in the structures which men erect. Then eat from every kind of fruit and travel the paths of your Lord, which have been made easy for you to follow.” From inside them comes a drink of varying colours, containing healing for mankind. There is certainly a Sign in that for people who reflect. (Qur’an, 16:69)

Honey is a “healing for men” as stated in the verses above. Nowadays, apiculture and bee products have opened a new branch of research in scientifically advanced parts of the world. Other benefits of honey may be described as below:

Easily digested: Because sugar molecules in honey can convert into other sugars (e.g. fructose to glucose), honey is easily digested by the most sensitive stomachs, despite its high acid content. It helps kidneys and intestines to function better.

Rapidly diffuses through the blood; is a quick energy source: When accompanied by mild water, honey diffuses into the bloodstream in seven minutes. Its free sugar molecules make the brain function better since the brain is the largest consumer of sugar. Honey is a natural composition of sugars like glucose and fructose. According to recent research, this unique mixture of sugars is the most effective means to remove fatigue and increase athletic performance.

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of honey were revealed as a result of clinical observations and research. Honey is exceedingly effective in painlessly cleaning up infection and dead cells in these regions and in the development of new tissues. The use of honey as a medicine is mentioned in the most ancient writings. In the present day, doctors and scientists are rediscovering the effectiveness of honey in the treatment of wounds.

Dr. Peter Molan, a leading researcher into honey for the last 20 years and a professor of biochemistry at New Zealand’s University of Waikato, says this about the antimicrobial properties of honey:

Randomized trials have shown that honey is more effective in controlling infection in burn wounds than silver sulphadiazine, the antibacterial ointment most widely used on burns in hospitals. (“Honey Against Infected Skin Lesions,” http://www.apitherapy.com/honeysk.htm.)

Supports blood formation: Honey provides an important part of the energy needed by the body for blood formation. In addition, it helps in cleansing the blood. It has some positive effects in regulating and facilitating blood circulation. It also functions as a protection against capillary problems and arteriosclerosis.

Does not accommodate bacteria: This bactericide (bacteria-killing) property of honey is named “the inhibition effect.” There are various reasons of this anti-microbial property of the honey. Some examples are: the high sugar content that limit the amount of water microorganisms need for growth, its high acidity (low pH) and composition which deprive bacteria from nitrogen necessary for reproduction. The existence of hydrogen peroxide as well as antioxidants in the honey prevents bacteria growth.

Antioxidant: Everyone who wants to live a healthier life should consume antioxidants. Those are the components in cells that get rid of harmful byproducts of normal metabolic functions. These elements inhibit destructive chemical reactions that cause spoilage of food and many chronic illnesses. Researchers believe food products rich in antioxidants may prevent heart problems and cancer. Strong antioxidants are present in honey content: Pinocembrin, pinobaxin, chrisin and galagin. Pinocembrin is an antioxidant that merely exists in the honey.108

Vitamin and mineral depot: Honey is composed of sugars like glucose and fructose and minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium chlorine, sulphur, iron and phosphate. It contains vitamins B1, B2, C, B6, B5 and B3 all of which change according to the qualities of the nectar and pollen. Besides the above, copper, iodine, and zinc are also present, albeit in small quantities.

Honey is used in healing wounds:

– When used in treatment of wounds, thanks to its ability to absorb moisture from the air, honey facilitates healing process and prevents scarring. This is because honey stimulates the growth of epithelial cells that form the new skin cover over a healed wound. In this way, even in case of large wounds, honey may eliminate the need for tissue transplantation.

– Honey stimulates the regrowth of tissue involved in the healing process. It stimulates the formation of new blood capillaries and the growth of fibroblasts that replace the connective tissue of the deeper layer of the skin and produce the collagen fibres that give strength to the repair.

– Honey has an anti-inflammatory action, which reduces the swelling around a wound. This improves circulation and thus hastens the healing process. It also reduces pain.

– Honey does not stick to the underlying wound tissues, so there is no tearing away of newly formed tissue, and no pain, when dressings are changed.

– Thanks to its aforementioned antimicrobial property, honey provides a protective barrier to prevent wounds becoming infected. It also rapidly clears any existing infection from wounds. It is fully effective, even with antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. Unlike antiseptics and antibiotics, there is no impairment of the healing process through adverse effects on wound tissues.109

It can easily be seen from this information that honey has great “healing” properties. This is undoubtedly one of the miracles of the Qur’an Allah, Who is Exalted in Power, has revealed.

Nutritional Values
Average amount in a portion
Average amount in 100 g

3.6 gr

17.1 gr

Total carbohydrates

17.3 gr

82.4 gr

8.1 gr

38.5 gr

6.5 gr

31.0 gr

1.5 gr

7.2 gr

0.3 gr

1.5 gr
Nutritional Contents
Total calories (kilocalories)
Total calories (kilocalories) (as fat)
Total fat
Saturated fat

0.6 mg

2.85 mg
Total carbohydrate
17 gr
81 gr
16 gr
76 gr
Diet fibres
0.15 mg
0.7 mg
B1 (Thiamine)

< 0.002 mg

< 0.01 mg

B2 (Riboflavin)

< 0.06 mg

< 0.3 mg
Nicotinic acid

< 0.06 mg

< 0.3 mg
Pantothenic acid

< 0.05 mg

< 0.25 mg
Vitamin B6
< 0.005 mg
< 0.02 mg
Folic acid
< 0.002 mg
< 0.01 mg
Vitamin C
0.1 mg
< 0.5 mg

1.0 mg

4.8 mg


0.05 mg

0.25 mg
0.03 mg
0.15 mg
11.0 mg
50.0 mg
1.0 mg
5.0 mg
0.4 mg
2.0 mg
0.002 mg
0.01 mg
0.01 mg
0.05 mg
0.005 mg
0.02 mg
0.03 mg
0.15 mg
0.04 mg
0.2 gr

The “First World Wound Healing Congress,” held in Melbourne on September 10-13, 2000, discussed the use of honey in wound treatment. The comments made during the congress were along these lines:

Many natural antibacterial substances are being evaluated to find a treatment for wounds infected with bacteria with multiple resistance to antibiotics, the “superbugs”, as this becomes a major clinical problem. But most of these natural substances have no proven effectiveness on infected wounds, nor is it known if they have any adverse effects on wound tissues. Honey is different, as it has an excellent “track record” over 4,000 years of usage as a wound dressing… Honey has a potent antibacterial activity and is very effective in clearing infection in wounds and protecting wounds from becoming infected.

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